Supply List



Please label student’s name on all supplies, lunchboxes, backpacks, and jackets.


1.   3 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons

2.   1 package of pencils (no pencil sharpeners)

3.   1 big eraser

4.   Pointed scissors (if your child is left handed, get

      lefty scissors)                                                                                                                                                    
5.   3 packages of 4 glue sticks

6.   1 large box of tissues

7.   1 package of Crayola washable markers

8.   2 pocket folders with name inside      

9.   Book bag or backpack with name inside

10.   1 package of white copy paper

11.  3 packages of Expo dry erase markers (low odor)

12.  1 jar of play-doh brand play dough

13.  2 composition notebooks

14.  2 small art boxes

15.  2 spiral wide-ruled notebooks

16.  Prang  washable watercolor paints

17.  1 box of Ziplock bags (quart)

18.   1   1 inch 3-ring binder

*Each child should bring a change of clothing, including socks and underclothes to keep in their cubbies.



3- packages of the Ticonderoga big pencils

2- boxes of 24 crayons

16- glue sticks

1-Art box

2- boxes of Expo dry erase markers

2-packages of washable markers

2-composition notebook-no spiral

4-large pink erasers

1-Fiskars pointed scissors

1-box of gallon baggies (Boys)

1-box of quart baggies (Girls)

1-box of disinfected wipes

1-Ear buds

1-wash cloth

1-red pronged folder

1-yellow 2 sided folder (no prongs)

1package of white copy paper

1 ½ inch black binder, spiral notebook to fit inside, zipper binder pouch



4-Packages of # 2 pencils – (Ticonderoga), not soft lead

2- Large pink square erasers

2 -Box of 24 crayons

1 -Pair of scissors - Fiskars

2- pkg Glue Sticks (package of 4)

1-ruler (inches and centimeters)

Gym shoes (to be kept at school)

3 -Pocket folders (red, blue, green)

1-Small Art box

4 -Wide-ruled spiral notebooks

2 -yellow highlighters

1 -box of slide-lock storage bags (girls – quart / boys - gallon)

2-Packages of wide-ruled paper (loose leaf)

2-Composition books

1-pkg of 4 dry erase markers (girls - thin/boys - wide)

1-dry erase marker eraser

1-Ear Buds



1-Box of 24 crayons –

3-Box of 24 # 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

1-Zipped pencil pouch

1-yellow highlighter (yellow only)

2 -large pink erasers

1-pair Fiskars scissors

2 -package of 3 glue sticks

1 -pair of gym shoes (to keep at school)

1-box of 10 Crayola markers (classic colors)

2 -one subject spiral notebooks - blue

2 -one subject spiral notebook - red

2 -pkg of wide-ruled loose leaf paper

2 -black composition book (no pictures)

1 -pkg of 5 black dry Erase Markers (not skinny)

1-box of sandwich baggies

1-blue folder w/ prongs

1-red folder w/ prongs

1-green folder w/ prongs

1-Ear Buds


Mechanical pencils or Ticonderoga wooden #2 Pencils

1 package of blue/black pens

1 set of Crayola colored pencils

1 24 pack of Crayola crayons

1 box of Crayola CLASSIC colored markers

1 ruler

6 glue sticks (Science/Social Studies)

1 container of wipes

1 roll of paper towels (Science/Social Studies)

4 black composition wide rule notebooks

6 spiral notebooks wide rule (2 Math, 2 Reading, 2 Science/Social Studies)

1 pencil pouch

1 pair of pointed scissors

7 plain colored folders (1 Math, 2 Reading, 4 Science/Social Studies)

2 one inch binders (Science/Social Studies)

1 package of page protectors (Science/Social Studies)

1 package of binder index dividers (Science/Social Studies)

1 protractor (Math)
1 package of dry erase markers

1 package of highlighters

1 handheld pencil sharpener (Optional)

1 package index cards (Reading)

4 packages loose leaf paper- wide rule (2 Math, 2 Reading)

1 Box of Tissues

1 Ear Buds

*Some items are subject specific. Any item that is not subject specific will be shared between all classes. 


2-Spiral Notebooks

5-Composition Books

3-Packs of wide-ruled loose leaf paper

1-Zipped pencil pouch

2-24 pack of #2 Ticonderoga pencils

1-Fiskars Scissors

1-Pack colored pencils

1-Pencil sharpener

1-3 pack of glue sticks

1-Elmer’s glue bottle

2-Highlighters (different colors)

2-3 pack pink erasers

1-Pack of red pens

2-1” hard cover 3-ring binder w/pockets

1-Pair of gym shoes (to be kept at school)

1-Ear Buds